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Visit Bogamati Picnic Spot Perfect Place For You 2023

bogamati picnic spot

Bogamati is no different from Baksa district. One of the popular picnic spots in Baksa district, Bogamati Picnic Spot, is crowded with hundreds of picnickers from faraway places. The location is 92 km from Guwahati in the foothills of the Indo-Bhutan border region. In the foothills of the Bhutan border, it lies between two ranges of hills.

Extensive jungle with tall trees and bushes growing nearby and the presence of many species of wildlife in the area prevented the construction of settlements near Bogamati. Panoramic views of the mountains and vast expanses of land beside the Barnadi River, which rises in one of Bhutan’s hills and crosses two hillsides, are both the natural gift of the Bogamati location.

It divides into three branches, named Mala, Deuchunga and Jabra or Puthimari, each with a fine white sandy shore. In addition, Jabra (Deuchunga) and Puthimari are two irrigation channels. Another highlight of the picnic area is the 25-foot-tall Buddha statue. Phat Tich Pagoda is also visited by tourists from Bhutan, Nepal and Myanmar.

Members of the Bogamati Picnic Spot committee were informed that hundreds of picnickers from faraway places were invading the place. They claim that during the picnic season, Bogamati Picnic Spot receives more than 1000 tourists every day. Bornadi river rafting is one of the water sports for tourists.

Bogamati Picnic Spot Perfect Place For You

Bogamati Picnic Spot Overview

In the Baksa district of Assam, near the India-Bhutan border, at the mouth of the “Barnadi”, is the recently discovered Bogamati, a beautiful Bogamati picnic spot. The unexplored panoramic view of the mountains, inaugurated by Emanuel Muchahary, MPP for Tumulpur, about six years ago, creates a peaceful getaway for tourists, couples and families.

The name “Bogamati”, which means “white river” in Assamese, comes from the huge deposits of white sand and rock along the riverbank. The area is inhabited by Bodo, Assam and Nepal, famous for its betel plantations and tea gardens. For all their livelihood, locals rely solely on tourism. To maintain the cleanliness of the area and the safety of visitors, Dawraijhar Ecotourism Association is responsible.

bogamati picnic spot
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How To Reach Bogamati Picnic Spot

India 781368 NC Sukla Bagan, Assam. While Guwahati, a large town with a train station, is 91 kilometers away and takes two hours and thirty minutes to get there, Khoirabari, the closest train station to Bogamati, is 35 points, two kilometers away. Guwahati Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport is the nearest airport. Due to the scenic nature of the route, it is recommended to take a taxi or taxi from Guwahati to Bogamati.

Direct public transport is provided from Guwahati to Tumulpur, from where one can hire a taxi to go to the Bogamati picnic area. It is recommended to rent a car when traveling to Bogamati as it can be difficult to coordinate public transport on the way back.

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Things to Do in Bogamati Picnic Spot

The golden Buddha on a nearby hill is within walking distance, erected by the Assam government as a symbol of peace and strengthening ties with neighboring Bhutan. To visit Bhutan and taste the local cuisine, you can also cross a small river by car. However, the Gateway to Bhutan closes at 4:30pm.

You should dress comfortably, bring an extra set of clothes and towels, a dry bag, some basic medicine, a first aid box, etc. While it’s fairly safe. Being extra careful won’t hurt as wild elephants are known to roam the surface. Finally, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the beauty of this area.

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Best Time to Visit Bogamati Picnic Spot

Although it might be busier due to the holiday season in January and December, from February and November it is still relatively quiet for a picnic.


If you are looking around for good picnic spots near assam then Bogamati Picnic Spot might be perfect for you, it got great weather natural place and fun things to do around.

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