Top 10 Resorts In Lakshadweep You Must Visit

Top 10 Resorts in Lakshadweep

Top 10 resorts in Lakshadweep, a group of coral islands nestled in the Arabian Sea which is renowned for its pristine white sand beaches, crystal-clear blue waters and vibrant marine life. For those seeking an idyllic retreat, the top resorts in Lakshadweep offer the perfect blend of luxury, natural beauty and adventure. Let’s explore the top 10 resorts in Lakshadweep, each with its unique charm and offerings.

White Pearl Beach Hotel In Lakshadweep

White Pearl Beach Hotel is often considered one of the best resort in Lakshadweep, boasts ideal location and serene surroundings near the beach. The resort’s dedicated team offers extreme courteousness and top-notch hospitality services. Guests can indulge in authentic South Indian delicacies and scrumptious seafood at the TUNA restaurant.

White Pearl Beach Hotel
  • Location: Airport Road, Near Old Fish Hatchery, Agatti Island, Lakshadweep-682553
  • Amenities: Restaurant, City Tours, Water Sports
  • Activities: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Turtle Watching, Island Hopping, Kayaking, Fishing, Banana Boat Ride, Glass Bottom Boat Ride.
  • Best Time to Visit: Throughout the year

Agatti Island Beach Resort In Lakshadweep

Agatti Island Beach Resort in Lakshadweep, one of the most famous places to visit in Lakshadweep offers excellent hospitality and a verdant landscape surrounded by blue lagoons. The resort features beach huts, beach bungalows and standard cottages providing a perfect blend of contemporary sophistication and natural beauty.

Agatti Island Beach Resort
  • Location: Ground Floor, Island Tower, Behind H.P.O, Market Road, Cochin, Agatti Lakshadweep, Lakshadweep – 682553
  • Amenities: Restaurant, Travel Desk, Business & Events Area, Gym & Fitness Centre, Spa
  • Activities: Boating, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Island Hopping, Fishing, Water Skiing, Excursions
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March

Seagate Holiday Home Resort In Lakshadweep

Seagate Holiday Home Resort In Lakshadweep is located on Karavatti Island, tops the list in terms of offering luxury and comfort. The hotel features uniquely furnished spacious beach cottages and an on-site restaurant offering delectable seafood delights and Indian cuisine.

Seagate Holiday Home
  • Location: Near Satellite, Agatti Island, Lakshadweep 682553 India
  • Amenities: Restaurant, Kids Play Zone, Travel Desk, City Tours
  • Activities: Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Fishing, Island Hopping
  • Best Time to Visit: November to March

Kadmat Island Beach Resort In Lakshadweep

Kadmat Island Beach Resort in Lakshadweep, located on the picturesque Kadmat Island, is known for its idyllic location and stylishly furnished sea facing rooms. The resort offers a 6-day Marine Wealth Awareness program, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the wonders of the marine world.

Kadmat Island Beach Resort
  • Location: Resort Road, Near Helipad, Lakshadweep
  • Amenities: Restaurant, Travel Desk, Yoga Center
  • Activities: Kayaking, Yachting, Boating, Skiing, Scuba Diving
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March

Karavatti Island Beach Resort In Lakshadweep

Karavatti Island Beach Resort in Lakshadweep, located on the northwest of Karavatti Island, offers quality hospitality services. The resort features well-appointed sea-facing rooms and a restaurant serving seafood delicacies. Unique scuba diving packages are available for an unforgettable underwater experience.

Karavatti Island Beach Resort
  • Location: Paradise Hut Road, Kavaratti Island, Lakshadweep
  • Amenities: Restaurant, Travel Desk, Gym & Fitness Center
  • Activities: Scuba Diving, Swimming, Snorkeling, Shore Snorkeling, Kayaking, Sailing on a Yacht
  • Best Time to Visit: November to March

Minicoy Island Beach Resort In Lakshadweep

Minicoy Island Beach Resort in Lakshadweep offers personalized hospitality services, making it an ideal stay option for couples. The resort features sea-facing Standard Rooms and Deluxe Rooms. Guests can engage in water activities like snorkeling and glass-bottom boat rides.

Minicoy Island Beach Resort
  • Location: CORALROUTES, Minicoy Island, Lakshadweep
  • Amenities: Restaurant, Travel Desk, Open Bathing Space
  • Activities: Snorkeling, Glass Bottom Rides, Sightseeing, Kayaking
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March

Kasim’s Beach Villa In Lakshadweep

Kasim’s Beach Villa in Lakshadweep offers affordable rates and is known for its serenity and peace on Agatti Island. The property provides a perfect blend of luxury and nature, with luxuriously furnished rooms and a range of thrilling water adventure activities.

Kasim’s Beach Villa
  • Location: Airport Road, Lakshadweep
  • Amenities: Restaurant, Travel Desk, Health Club
  • Activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Cycling, Diving, Lagoon Cruising, Glass Bottomed Boat Riding, Canoeing, Skiing, Excursions
  • Best Time to Visit: November to March

Bangaram Island Resort In Lakshadweep

Bangaram Island Resort in Lakshadweep is situated on picturesque Bangaram Island which offers warm hospitality and personalized services. The resort features 30 standard and Deluxe Huts by allowing visitors to experience nature at its best. A separate scuba diving center is available for mastering diving skills.

Bangaram Island Resort
  • Location: Bangaram island, Lakshadweep
  • Amenities: Restaurant, Garden, Travel Desk, Wedding Services, Event Space
  • Activities: Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Deep Sea Fishing
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March

Seashells Resort Agatti In Lakshadweep

Seashells Resort Agatti in Lakshadweep, located on Agatti Island, boasts of its ideal location and mesmerizing sunrise views. The resort features luxuriously furnished standard rooms with contemporary facilities. Guests can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving activities in the blue lagoons.

Seashells Resort Agatti

  • Location: Airport road, Agatti, Lakshadweep
  • Amenities: Multi-Cuisine Restaurant, Wedding Services, Event Space, Recreation, Ayurveda, Souvenir Shop
  • Activities: Kayaking, Glass Bottom Boat Riding, Canoeing, After Skiing, Snorkeling, Game Fishing, Scuba-diving, Beach Volleyball
  • Best Time to Visit: October to March

Coral Beach Resort In Lakshadweep

Coral Beach Resort in Lakshadweep is located on Agatti Island which offers comfort and space with eco-friendly cottages. The resort’s young and dynamic team delivers top-notch quality service by ensuring a memorable stay. Specialized water sport activities are organized for immersive experiences.

Coral Beach Resort
  • Location: Agatti, Lakshadweep
  • Amenities: Restaurant, Travel Desk, Flock Dance, Campfire, Swimming Pool, Garden, Events Space
  • Activities: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Boating
  • Best Time to Visit: November to March

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The top resorts in Lakshadweep provide an enchanting escape for travelers seeking tranquility, luxury and adventure. Whether you prefer the serene beaches of Agatti or the picturesque landscapes of Kadmat each resort offers a unique experience to make your Lakshadweep vacation truly unforgettable. Plan your winter holiday in this island paradise and indulge in the beauty of Lakshadweep’s natural wonders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lakshadweep Resorts

When is the best time to visit Lakshadweep?

The best time to visit Lakshadweep is from October to March when the weather is pleasant and the sea is calm. During these months, you can enjoy water activities and explore the islands comfortably.

How many islands are there in Lakshadweep?

Lakshadweep is an archipelago consisting of 36 islands including 10 inhabited islands and numerous uninhabited ones.

What types of water activities are available in Lakshadweep resorts?

Lakshadweep resorts offer a range of water activities including scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, island hopping, banana boat rides, glass-bottom boat rides and more. 

Are these resorts suitable for honeymooners?

Several resorts in Lakshadweep such as Kadmat Island Beach Resort and Bangaram Island Resort are ideal for honeymooners, offering privacy, picturesque surroundings and romantic experiences.

What is the Marine Wealth Awareness program at Kadmat Island Beach Resort?

The Marine Wealth Awareness program at Kadmat Island Beach Resort is a 6-day program designed to provide guests with insights into marine life, coral reefs and the importance of conservation. It aims to promote environmental awareness.

Are these resorts eco-friendly?

Some resorts in Lakshadweep like Coral Beach Resort emphasize eco-friendly practices. They may have sustainable measures in place and eco-friendly cottages designed to minimize the environmental impact.

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