10 Interesting  Facts About Assam

Tea Capital

Renowned as the world's largest tea producer and its strong Assam tea.

Diverse Wildlife

Kaziranga National Park shelters the one-horned rhinoceros and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


Assam forests and wetlands host diverse flora and fauna, including the Bengal tiger and Asian elephant.

Silk Haven

Famous for its high-quality silk production, particularly Muga silk, known for its golden sheen.


It is a blend of various ethnic groups, languages and traditions enriching the state heritage.

Bihu Festival

The Bihu festival celebrated with dance and music is Assam major agricultural festivals.

Majuli Island

Assam is home to Majuli world largest river island known for its unique culture and beauty.

Brahmaputra River

The mighty Brahmaputra River flows through Assam, shaping its landscape and providing livelihoods to many.

Ahom Dynasty

The Ahom dynasty which ruled the region for six centuries.

Diverse Cuisine

Assamese cuisine offers a variety of flavors, with rice as a staple and unique dishes like bamboo shoot curry and fish preparations.