Aokigahara Forest: The Mysterious Suicide Forest of Japan


Aokigahara is situated at the northwest base of Mount Fuji in Japan.

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Dark Reputation

It gained notoriety due to the alarming number of suicides that have occurred within its depths.

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Haunted Legends

The forest is steeped in folklore and it is believed by some to be haunted by spirits of the victims.

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Vegetation Density

Aokigahara has dense vegetation and winding paths, making it easy to get lost adding to its mystery.

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Authorities Efforts

Signs encouraging life and discouraging suicide are posted throughout the forest. Emergency phones are also installed.

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Local Myths

Legends say the forest is haunted by spirits who lure visitors to their demise.

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Literary Influence

Aokigahara is featured in literature, movies and documentaries by adding to its allure.

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Natural Beauty

Despite its grim reputation, the forest is visually striking with unique flora and wildlife.

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Cave Systems

The forest has a network of caves by adding more complexity to its landscape.

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Psychological Impact

Aokigahara continues to be a subject of psychological studies, exploring the factors contributing to its unsettling history.

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