Top 10 Beatiful Places In Quebec For A Weekend Trip

Old Quebec City

Step back in time to this charming historic city with cobblestone streets and stunning architecture.


Enjoy outdoor adventures like hiking and skiing in this picturesque mountain village.


Discover vibrant culture, delicious food and unique neighborhoods in Quebec's largest city.


Experience natural beauty with rolling hills, stunning cliffs, and quaint villages.

Gatineau Park

Explore nature through hiking, biking and picnicking in this scenic park near Ottawa.


Relax by Lake Memphremagog, go for a boat ride, and enjoy the town's artsy atmosphere.

Saguenay Fjord

Witness breathtaking landscapes, spot marine life and try kayaking in the fjord.

Quebec's Eastern Townships

Go wine tours, outdoor activities and charming B&Bs in this serene region.

Ile d'Orleans

Satisfy your taste buds with local food and admire beautiful farmlands on this island near Quebec City.


Explore lush forests, go biking and unwind by the lake in this tranquil area.