10 Best Entertainment Places in Chennai

Marina Beach

The beach offers a picturesque view of the Bay of Bengal and is a popular spot for evening walks

Besant Nagar Beach

The scenic beauty, clean sand, and pleasant sea breeze make it a perfect spot for picnics

Express Avenue Mall

It is undoubtedly one of the best entertainment places in Chennai for all shopaholics and movie buffs.

MGM Dizzee World

This sprawling entertainment destination features a wide range of exhilarating rides, water slides, and a wave pool.

Guindy National Park

The park is home to diverse flora and fauna, including deer, monkeys, and various bird species.

February 14, 2020

Phoenix  MarketCity

By Dr. Lora Poppins

Considered one of the largest shopping malls in Chennai, Phoenix MarketCity is a shopaholic's paradise.

VGP Universal Kingdom

It features a wide array of rides, including giant wheels, roller coasters, and water slides

The Forum Vijaya Mall

The mall boasts a diverse collection of stores, ranging from high-end brands to local boutiques

Chennai Trade Centre

This state-of-the-art exhibition and convention center hosts a wide range of national and international events throughout the year.

Prarthana Drive-in Theatre

Prarthana Drive-in Theatre offers a nostalgic and enjoyable movie experience.