Gurudamba Lake a Tranquil Gem in Sikkim

Gurudamba Lake is situated in the North Sikkim district, near the border of India and China. It lies about 190 kilometers away from Gangtok,

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Gurudamba Lake Location

The nearest major town is Lachen

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Gurudamba Lake Location

one can hire a private vehicle or take a shared taxi to reach Lachen

The town of Lachen offers a few guesthouses and homestays, providing basic amenities for travelers

Gurudamba Lake Accommodation

The best time to visit Gurudamba Lake is during the summer months, from April to June, when the weather is relatively pleasant and the roads are accessible.

Best Time to Visit Gurudamba Lake

Altitude: Gurudamba Lake is one of the highest lakes in India.

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Facts about Gurudamba Lake


The lake is considered sacred by both Hindus and Buddhists

urudamba Lake is primarily fed by glaciers and snowmelt from the surrounding mountains. It is a part of the extensive Tibetan plateau and serves as a major source of the Teesta River

Glacial Origin:

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During the winter months, Gurudamba Lake freezes partially or completely due to the extreme cold temperatures in the regionw.

Frozen Beauty:

The transparency of the water allows visitors to see the lake’s vibrant aquatic life, including trout fish, swimming beneath the surface.

Crystal Clear Waters:

Gurudamba Lake is located near the tri-junction of India, China (Tibet), and Nepal. Due to its proximity to the international borders, special permits are required for visitors to access the lake.

Strategic Location:

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