Cyclone Michaung Unraveling All The Impact It Caused

Origin and Duration

Cyclone Michaung originated in the Bay of Bengal gaining strength and intensity. The cyclone made landfall near Bapatla in Andhra Pradesh, bringing intense winds and heavy rains.

Landfalls and Path

Landfall occurred between Nellore and Kavali in Andhra Pradesh. The cyclone, categorized as severe weakened after landfall but continued to impact northern Telangana.

Impact on People

At least nine lives were lost including a 4-year-old child in rainrelated incidents across Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Over 390,000 people felt the impact with more than 15,000 evacuated to safety in anticipation of landfall.

Evacuation and Preparedness

Authorities undertook massive evacuation efforts by moving vulnerable populations to 211 relief camps in Andhra Pradesh. National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams were deployed to high-risk areas emphasizing preparedness.

Transport Disruptions

Over 140 trains and 40 flights were canceled in Andhra Pradesh, disrupting transportation. The closure of Chennai airport due to a submerged runway further compounded travel challenges.

Rainfall and Flooding

Michaung brought torrential rains causing widespread flooding in Chennai and other areas. Incessant rainfall, up to eight inches raised concerns about infrastructure resilience.

Economic Impact

Industries, including Apple iPhone production facilities in Chennai were temporarily halted due to the adverse weather conditions. The economic impact is under assessment with damage to standing crops in southern Odisha reported.

Response Measures

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) issued red alerts in affected states providing crucial information to residents. The Odisha government sought damage assessment reports to address crop losses and provide aid.

Power Outages and Infrastructure Challenges

Chennai faced prolonged power cuts lasting over 30 hours in some areas impacting daily life. Questions arose about the adequacy of stormwater drainage systems in cities like Chennai to handle extreme weather events.

Power Outages and Infrastructure Challenges

IMD reported that Cyclone Michaung significantly weakened after landfall, transitioning into a depression and then a low-pressure area. While further weakening is anticipated ongoing assessments and response efforts remain critical.

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