Best Kanthalloor Tourist Spots to Visit  in 2023

A lush green area surrounded by a fence in a hilly area, it is the only  place in Kerala where sandalwood trees grow naturally.


Kundala Dam

It is a picturesque place 14 kilometers from Kanthalur forest on  route through Mannavan shola

Mannavan Chola

Located near Kanthalloor, it is the largest shola forest in Kerala.

Thoovanam Water Falls

AccesThis beautiful waterfall is located in the Chinnar Reserve.

Thoovanam Water Falls

This beautiful waterfall is located in the Chinnar Reserve

Chinnar Wild life Sanctaury

It is one of the famous sanctuaries in Kerala and shares a border  with the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu.

How to reach Kanthalloor Tourist Spots

Kanthalloor can be reched by road transport only.

Best Time To Visit Kanthalloor Tourist Spots

The best time to visit Kanthalur tourist spots is all year-round on  most of the major destination due to its pleasant climate  throughout the year.



The above article will help you to choose the best place and time to  visit Kanhalloor tourist places