Kollimalai Falls Agaya Gangai Falls Best Time  to Visit

Arapaleeswarar  Temple:

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this place is an  important part of tourism in the Kolli Hills

Botanical  Garden:

n is one of the most impressive attractions in Kolli  Hills. It is located 3 km from Semmedu in the Namakkal district of  Tamil Nadu.

Tampcol Herbal Farm:

is on the way to Vaasaloorpatti on the way back from  Semmedu. The farm is known for its abundance of medicinal  plants

Secrets of kollimalai falls

Here are some of the secrets and lesser-known facts about  Kollimalai Falls:


Kollimalai Falls is considered a sacred site by the locals, who believe  that the water has healing properties.

Medicinal plants:

The surrounding hills are home to several medicinal plants that are  used in traditional medicine to treat a variety of ailments.

The hills surrounding Kollimalai Falls are also home to a variety of  wildlife, including several species of birds.


Trekking routes:

Kollimalai Falls  offers several trekking routes that are perfect for adventure enthusiasts.


Visitors can also camp in the hills surrounding the falls, either in  tents or in cottages provided by the local authorities