Top 10 Tourist Places to Visit While in Maldives 2022-2023


Cocoa Island

Of the many islands, COMO Cocoa is one of the most visited places in the island nation of Maldives. It is home to a large number of beach resorts and the best part of all is the presence of overwater villas.


Baros Island

If you are looking for a place away from the crowds, this is an ideal place. Baros is a much loved and famous island in the Maldives.


Emboodhu Finolhu

Perhaps one of the island's most attractive features is the arrangement of the flower bud-shaped overwater villas.


Majeedhee Magu

The shopping street is definitely a fun thing to do and is a perfect place where you can find almost anything in Majeedhee Magu.


The Whale Submarine

Just so you don't get confused with the name, the Whale Submarine is not intended for whale watching but for observing life on a reef and it is a famous highlight of the island.


Dhigu Island

No matter where you look, only a sense of peace will surround you on Dhigu Island. With a white sandy beach and clear blue sky, you can set foot in the water with a very "peaceful" feeling.


Halaveli Island

Surrounded by water on all sides, you can feel isolated . At Halaveli, you can recharge your batteries and spend quality time with your family doing nothing but having fun.


Kanuhura Island

Wishing to be pampered on Kanuhura Island, in addition to its unparalleled beauty that dazzles visitors, it also has a resort of the same name and is decorated in the style of a luxury 5-star hotel with amenities.


Rangali Island

Owned by Hilton hotel group, Conrad Maldives on Rangali Island is one of the best places to stay during family vacation.