Meghalaya: A Land Of Hidden Caves In India

Mawsmai Cave

Located near Cherrapunjee, Mawsmai Cave is renowned for its limestone formations with guided tours ensuring a safe and informative exploration.

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Siju Cave

Situated in Baghmara, Siju Cave is one of the longest caves in India. Guided tours unveil its intricate passages and stunning limestone formations.

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Krem Dam Cave

Located in Mawsynram, the wettest place on Earth Krem Dam Cave offers a unique caving experience. Guided tours navigate through its water-filled chambers.

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Krem Liat Prah Cave

Recognized as one of the longest caves in the world, Krem Liat Prah in Jaintia Hills welcomes tourists on guided expeditions revealing its vast subterranean beauty.

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Kotsati-Umlawan Cave

Situated in the East Khasi Hills, this cave system is accessible through guided tours uncovering its mesmerizing limestone formations.

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Mawsynram Cave

In the village of Mawsynram a home to the highest rainfall this cave offers a unique experience with guided tours ensuring safety amidst its geological wonders.

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Mawmluh Cave

Located near Cherrapunjee, Mawmluh Cave's intricate patterns of stalactites and stalagmites are showcased during guided tours by providing you educational insights.

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Liat Prah Cave

Another gem in the Jaintia Hills, Liat Prah Cave welcomes tourists on guided explorations offering you glimpses into its underground marvels.

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