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Top 10 Most Expensive Places In The World

High demand and limited space contribute to its exorbitant property prices.


Its vibrant urban lifestyle and global connectivity attract high-net-worth individuals.

Hong Kong

The Big Apple's iconic status, cultural diversity, and prime real estate make it a haven for the wealthy.

New York City, USA

Exclusive areas like Kensington and Chelsea contribute to its high property costs.

London, UK

Singapore offers a modern lifestyle and excellent infrastructure.


Japan's capital is a blend of tradition and modernity. Limited space, combined with its role as a technological powerhouse.

Tokyo, Japan

Geneva is renowned for its quality of life, safety, and luxury living.

Geneva, Switzerland

Its financial prominence and cosmopolitan lifestyle contribute to elevated living costs.

Shanghai, China

As India's financial capital, Mumbai is a hub of business and entertainment.

Mumbai, India

The combination of natural beauty and a strong economy translates to expensive real estate.

Sydney, Australia