10 Must-Try Traditional Sri Lankan Dishes During Your Trip

Rice and Curry

A staple featuring rice served with an array of curries, from fish to vegetables.

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Hoppers (Appa)

Bowl-shaped pancakes made from fermented rice flour typically eaten for breakfast with coconut sambal.

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Kottu Roti

Chopped roti stir-fried with vegetables, eggs and meat creating a flavorful and filling dish.

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String Hoppers (Indi Appa)

Delicate steamed rice noodle nests, often served with curry and sambal.

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Spicy condiments made from coconut, chili and various ingredients, adding a kick to any meal.

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A Dutch-influenced dish with rice, meat and sambal wrapped in banana leaves and baked.

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Pol Sambol

Fresh coconut sambal mixed with chili, onions and lime perfect for adding zest to your meal.

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Fish Ambul Thiyal

Sour fish curry infused with Goraka (Malabar tamarind) for a unique tangy flavor.

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Wambatu Moju

Sweet and sour eggplant pickle often enjoyed as a side dish.

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Sri Lankan milk rice, cooked with coconut milk and served during special occasions and for symbolizing prosperity.

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