One Day Tourist Places In Panipat You Must Visit

Panipat Museum

Learn about the city's rich history through fascinating exhibits.

Kabuli Bagh Mosque

Admire the stunning Mughal architecture and peaceful surroundings.

Devi Temple

Seek blessings at this ancient Hindu temple.

Salar Gunj Gate

Witness a piece of Panipat's past at this historic gate

Ibrahim Lodhi's Tomb

Pay homage to the last ruler of the Lodhi dynasty.

Dargah of Bu-Ali Shah Kalandar

Experience the spiritual aura of this Sufi shrine.

Kala Amb

Enjoy a picnic in the lush green gardens.

Panipat Thermal Power Station

Explore modern engineering marvels.

Tilpat Lake

Relax by the serene lakeside

Panipat Wildlife Sanctuary

Encounter diverse wildlife in a natural habitat.