10 One Day Trip Places For Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

Sabarmati Ashram, Ahmedabad

Visit the place where Mahatma Gandhi lived and worked. Explore the peaceful surroundings and learn about his philosophies.

Dandi Beach, Gujarat

Commemorate the Salt March led by Gandhi by visiting the historic Dandi Beach. Experience the serene coastline and connect with India's freedom struggle.

Raj Ghat, Delhi

Pay your respects at Raj Ghat memorial of Mahatma Gandhi located in the heart of Delhi. Spend some quiet moments reflecting on his teachings.

Mani Bhavan, Mumbai

Explore the museum dedicated to Gandhi's life and witness artifacts from his time. Gain insights into his remarkable journey.

Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar

Remember the sacrifices of our freedom fighters at this historical site. Take a moment to honor their bravery and reflect on the significance of non-violence.

Visit the serene ashram where Gandhi ji lived and worked. Experience the simple lifestyle he advocated and gain inspiration from his principles.

Sevagram Ashram, Maharashtra

Explore the quaint town of Wardha for its association with Mahatma Gandhi. Visit various landmarks and absorb the essence of his teachings.

Wardha, Maharashtra

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Indian independence movement museum exhibits artifacts, photographs and documents related to Gandhi's life.

Gandhi Memorial Museum, Madurai

Discover the historical significance of this place where the Nehru family participated in the freedom struggle. Learn about the pivotal role played by them during the independence movement.

Swaraj Bhavan, Allahabad

Visit the museum dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi in Patna. Explore the displays showcasing his life, principles and contributions to India's freedom.

Gandhi Sangrahalaya, Patna