Top 10 One Day Trip Places In India

Kaziranga National Park

Encounter wildlife like rhinos and tigers in their natural habitat

Kamakhya Temple

Visit this ancient temple known for its spiritual significance and panoramic views of Guwahati.

Umananda Island

Reach this serene island by a short boat ride and explore its tranquil beauty


Explore the silk village, witness traditional weaving and shop for exquisite silk products.

Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

Spot the Indian one-horned rhinos and diverse bird species.


Discover the harmony of different religious sites, including Hayagriva Madhava Temple.

Assam State Zoo

Enjoy a day with various animals, birds and a botanical garden.


Experience the serene beauty of the hill station, known for its pleasant climate.


Explore historical sites like Rang Ghar and Talatal Ghar, reflecting Assam's rich history

Chandubi Lake

Relax by the lake, indulge in boating, and enjoy picnics in nature's lap.