One Day Trip Places In Kalimpong

Durpin Monastery

Enjoy 360 views of the surrounding mountains and valleys from this serene monastery.

Deolo Hill

The highest point in Kalimpong, offers stunning vistas of the town and nearby hills.

Dr. Graham’s Homes

It is a historic school campus with beautiful gardens and impressive architecture.

Flower Nurseries

Kalimpong is famous for its flower nurseries, where you can see a variety of exotic and rare flowers.

Mangal Dham

A temple complex dedicated to Lord Krishna, known for its unique architecture and peaceful surroundings

Pine View Nursery

Another nursery with a wide range of cacti and orchids to admire.

Thongsha Gumpha

A serene Buddhist monastery known for its intricate murals and colorful frescoes.

Cactus Nursery

This nursery houses a vast collection of cacti.

Cactus Nursery

A historic monastery is known for its stunning Tibetan architecture and serene ambiance.

Lepcha Museum

Learn about the local Lepcha tribe's culture, traditions, and history through artifacts and exhibits.