Top One Day Trip Places In Kolkata

Victoria Memorial


A symbol of Kolkata's history and elegance.

Howrah Bridge

Walk on the iconic bridge, enjoy stunning river views, and experience the bustling city life.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Seek blessings at this famous temple known for its intricate architecture and spiritual aura.

Belur Math

Visit the headquarters of Ramakrishna Mission promoting harmony and spirituality.

Indian Museum

Discover India's past through fascinating artifacts and exhibits, perfect for history enthusiasts.

Science City

Engage in interactive science exhibits, a planetarium, and a thrilling rope course for all ages.

Botanical Gardens

Enjoy a leisurely stroll amidst lush greenery and witness the giant Banyan tree.

Alipore Zoo

Spend time with various animals in a well-maintained zoo, is enjoyable for families and kids.

Princep Ghat

Relax by the river Hooghly, enjoy boat rides, and capture the mesmerizing sunset

Mother's Wax Museum:

Get up close with lifelike wax statues of global icons, a fun experience for everyone.