10 One Day Trip Places In Kollam

Thangassery Beach

Enjoy the serene beach, lighthouse and Portuguese ruins.

Ashtamudi Lake

Take a scenic boat ride on the second largest lake in Kerala.

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Witness the breathtaking beauty of one of the highest waterfalls in India.

Raviz Beach

Relax on the pristine beach and indulge in water sports.

Jatayu Earth’s Center

Visit the world’s largest bird sculpture and engage in adventure activities.

Ochira Parabrahma Temple

Experience the unique rituals and peaceful ambiance of this ancient temple.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Police Museum

Explore the history of Kerala police force through exhibits and artifacts.

Mahatma Gandhi Beach and Park

Enjoy the beach, park and the scenic beauty of the Arabian Sea.


Visit the ancient Mayyanad Temple and explore the nearby picturesque village.

Adventure Park

Have a fun-filled day with your family at the Adventure Park, offering various rides and activities.