10 Places For One Day Trip To Meerut

Augarnath Temple

Visit this wonderful temple dedicated to Lord Shiva

St. John's Church

Explore the beauty of this 19th-century church with stunning architecture.

Suraj Kund Park

Enjoy a peaceful time amidst lush greenery and a beautiful pond.

Martyrs' Memorial

Pay homage to brave freedom fighters at this historic site.

Meerut Museum

Discover the city's rich history through artifacts and exhibits.

Shahpeer Sahib Shrine

Seek blessings at this revered Sufi shrine.

Hastinapur Wildlife Sanctuary

Spot diverse wildlife in this natural reserve.

Sardhana Church

Admire the grandeur of this Catholic church.

Jain Mandir

Visit this Jain temple known for its intricate architecture.

Rave 3 Mall

Shop, dine and unwind at this modern shopping destination.