Simultala Tourst Spot Guide for Travellers

Simon Romanov

Haldi Jharna

This is a small waterfall in Simultala. People go there to enjoy  travel and water activities.

Lattu Pahar

is popular. You can go there and move to the  highest point of Lattupahar and enjoy the view of the village.

In the center of town is the Clock Tower, a massive structure  with a large clock on top. This clock tower is a landmark of the  city.

Clock Tower

The best time to visit Simultala Tourist Spot

The best time to visit Simultala is from January to February and  from October to December.

How to get to the Simultala picnic spot

The best way to see Simultala is by train. If you are planning a  trip to Simultala

Where to  Stay in Simultala Picnic Spot

s one of the most popular places for the Bangladeshi  elite.