Discover The “Original” 7 Wonders Of The World That Remains Unknown

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Despite its fame there is a debate about whether it truly existed. If real, it was an elevated oasis in Mesopotamia now lost to time.

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Statue of Zeus at Olympia

A towering 41 ft statue of the Greek god Zeus crafted in 5th century BCE once graced Temple of Zeus.

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(Olympia, Greece)

Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

An ancient Greek temple dedicated to Artemis. It faced destruction by arson and invasions, leaving only its ruins.

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(Izmir, Turkey)

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus

An extravagant tomb in Turkey destroyed by a series of earthquakes. it showcased classical art and architectural wonders.

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(Bodrum, Turkey)

Colossus of Rhodes

A colossal bronze statue of the sun god Helios it stood in Rhodes, Greece until an earthquake toppled it in 226 BCE.

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(Rhodes, Greece)

Lighthouse of Alexandria

Once guiding light for ships in ancient Egypt, the lighthouse succumbed to earthquakes. Now one can visit the ruins by diving into the harbours of Alexandria.

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(Alexandria, Egypt)

The Walls of Babylon

The mighty defensive walls surrounding the city of Babylon were considered a marvel in their time. However, they fell into decay and were eventually dismantled leaving behind only historical accounts.

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(Hillah, Iraq)