One Day Trip Tourist Places In Puri

Start your day with a visit to this famous temple dedicated to Lord Jagannath.

Jagannath Temple

Enjoy a relaxing stroll on the golden sands of Puri Beach and watch the sunrise.

Puri Beach

Visit this UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its stunning architecture and the colossal chariot dedicated to the sun god.

Konark Sun Temple

Take a boat ride on Asia's largest coastal lagoon home to diverse wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Chilika  Lake

This village is known for its vibrant artwork and traditional Pattachitra paintings.

Raghurajpur Art Village

Discover intricate Odisha handicrafts and artworks.

Sudarshan Crafts Museum

Visit this ancient temple known for its beautiful sculptures and serene atmosphere.

Markandesvara Temple

Seek blessings at this temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Loknath Temple

Explore the 13th-century architectural marvel over the Bhargavi River.

Atharnala Bridge Temple