Best 10 Lepchajagat Homestays for Comfortable Stays 2023

Darjeeling Viewpoint Homestay

Lepchajagat Homestays are idyllic traditional destinations to spend a totally rejuvenating stay. Nestled in the heart of nature, these places offer a tranquil atmosphere, beautiful vistas and breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga Mountain range. However, these homestays are rustic and simple, with modern amenities, exceptional service and warm and traditional hospitality. Most of these homestays are located on Sukhia Pokhari Road, providing easy access to major transit points and attractions.

While Lepchajagat Snow Stay, Laxmi Homestay and Renu Homestay are some popular places for family vacations, Kanchan Kanya and Green Valley homestay offer couples-friendly atmosphere and facilities. If you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, book one of the best homestays in Lepchajagat and enjoy a memorable stay.

Complete with amenities like free parking, home cooked food, TV, doctor on duty, comfortable rooms with Eng suite bathrooms, these homestays are sure to be refreshing. Some, like Solitude in Himalaya, are pet-friendly and also offer car rentals, shuttles, guided tours, and hikes as outdoor activities.

Lepchajagat Homestays for Comfortable Stays 2023

Listed below are some of the best top 10 homestays in lepchajagat to stay in.

1. Renu Homestay

Enjoy a refreshing stay at Renu Homestay, which offers hygienic, comfortable and peaceful accommodation in the heart of Lepchajagat. With impeccable service and well-equipped rooms in various grades, it is suitable for couples, families and groups of friends.

Located on Sukhia Road, the city’s main attractions and major transport hubs are easily accessible. It promises a peaceful stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life and is truly the best homestay in Lepchajagat.

Renu Homestay
Image Source
Location:Lepcha Jagat, Darjeeling West Bengal
Amenities:Free Parking, Food, Driver Accommodation, Pickup and Free Wi-Fi, etc.
Price:Starts from INR 4,028 per night

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2. Darjeeling Viewpoint Homestay

It offers the utmost comfort and convenience at a reasonable cost and is one of the most opulent Lepchajagat Homestays. It is a three-bedroom apartment with relaxing accommodations, excellent services, and a great location.

A complete set of cooking utensils and other kitchen necessities are available in the homestay’s Eng suite kitchen. The choice between self-catering and outside delivery is available to guests. The homestay is truly exceptional, with views of the surrounding mountain ranges and valley as well as modern conveniences.

Darjeeling Viewpoint Homestay
Image Source
Location:Ward No VI, Sukhia Pokhni Darjeeling West Bengal
Amenities:Housekeeping, Room Service, Parking and free Wi-Fi.
Price:INR 5,640 per night

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3. Lepchu Homestay

The Lepchu Homestay is yet another stunning and best homestay in Lepchajagat set amidst nature, not far from the well-known Mahakal temple. A stay at this homestay is also rejuvenating because of the amenities like a spa and massages.

With a fully furnished Eng. suite kitchen, visitors can prepare whatever they please for themselves while staying in a comfortable setting. Because it is accessible and offers expansive natural views, its location also makes it a favorite among tourists.

Lepchu Homestay
Image Source
Location:Lepcha Jagat, Darjeeling, West Bengal
Amenities:Housekeeping, Room Service, Wi-Fi.
Price:INR 3,500 per night

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4. Pakhrin Homestay

The Pakhrin Home Stay, one of the best Lepchajagat Homestays, is proud of its eight tastefully furnished rooms, friendly hospitality, shared lounge, and breathtaking views.

In addition to offering assistance and services for nearby excursions and outdoor activities, the property is close to well-known tourist attractions. With its top-notch services, welcoming atmosphere, and wholesome home-cooked meals, it guarantees a wonderful stay.

If you stay here, you can have a memorable vacation with a friendly caretaker, bonfires, and live music in the neighborhood. You can also bring back some priceless memories.

Pakhrin Home Stay
Location:Lepchajagat FRH Darjeeling West Bengal
Amenities:Food, Parking, Excursions, Rooms with Attached Bath and Free Wi-Fi.
Price:INR 2,822 per night

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5. Laxmi Homestay

The Laxmi Homestay boasts to be the best homestay in Lepchajagat and promises a wonderful family vacation. It has a comfortable and convenient adobe. Being surrounded by stunning nature allows you to have an excellent and memorable experience. It is conveniently reachable from popular tourist destinations.

It offers clean towels and bed linen for an additional cost and has cozy rooms with an attached bath, a terrace, a shared lounge with TV, and a garden. You don’t need to go outside to eat your meals or your morning breakfast because there is a restaurant on the property.

Laxmi Homestay
Image Source
Location:Ghoom Pahar Forest, Lepchajagat, Darjeeling, West Bengal
Amenities:Parking, Restaurant, Room Service, Housekeeping, Fooding and Free Wi-Fi.
Price:INR 2,799 per night

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6. Lepchajagat Snow Stay

The Lepchajagat Snow Stay offers quick and easy access to the city’s main transit hubs and attractions thanks to its convenient location. It’s a great option for a family vacation because it provides traditional hospitality and atmosphere.

Offering breathtaking views of the Kanchenjunga range, it enables visitors to experience an unforgettable vacation outdoors, away from the mundane of the city. You will undoubtedly enjoy staying here and feel the urge to return again thanks to the amenities like cozy rooms, home-cooked food, and a welcoming caretaker.

Lepchajagat Snow Stay
Image Source
Location:Lepchajagat P.O. at Sukhiya Pokhri Darjeeling
Amenities:Parking, Food, Wi-Fi and House Keeping.
Price:INR 2,400 per night

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7. Usha Homestay

One of the most reasonably priced Lepchajagat Homestays, the Usha Homestay is nestled in the lap of Mother Nature. It provides cozy lodging in a calm and relaxing atmosphere in a cost-effective setting, making it ideal for both a romantic getaway and a family vacation.

The property has rooms in a variety of categories, each with an attached bathroom, making it suitable for all types of travelers, including families, couples, and groups. Additionally, the keeper is cordial, attends to the needs and comforts of the guests, and offers assistance with excursions and sightseeing.

Usha Homestay
Image Source
Location:Lepcha Jagat, Darjeeling
Amenities:Free Parking, Food, Housekeeping, Room Service and Wi-Fi.
Price:INR 3,077 per night

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8. Solitude in Himalayas

Solitude In Himalayas Homestay offers a lovely cottage for a staycation and is situated 11 km from the well-known Tiger Hills. It is one of the most serene and tranquil Lepchajagat Homestays, equipped with all contemporary conveniences.

Its impressive interior is made of wood, and its pet-friendly policy enables you to take a vacation with your four-legged companions. The stay will be truly exceptional thanks to the cottage’s fully furnished bedrooms, fully functional kitchen, shared lounge, and beautifully landscaped garden.

One of its strengths that makes it a popular choice with tourists is its convenient location close to the city’s main attraction.

Solitude in Himalayas
Image Source
Location:Upper Tumsong Busty, Darjeeling.
Amenities:Food, Free Wi-Fi, Room Service, Parking and BBQ.
Price:INR 1,950 per night

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9. Allay’s Homestay

This Lepchajagat homestay offers a special blend of comforts and conveniences at a fair price and is conveniently located close to the Ghoom Railway Station. Families, groups looking for a natural retreat, and lone travelers seeking a comfortable place to unwind and relax can all take advantage of the atmosphere and amenities.

All of the rooms are tastefully decorated and furnished with the necessary conveniences for a relaxing stay. A stay at this property is undoubtedly a memorable one thanks to amenities like home-cooked food and a welcoming caretaker.

Allay's Homestay
Image Source
Location:Near Ghoom Station, Hill Cart Road Darjeeling.
Amenities:Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Room Service and Food.
Price:INR 1,224 per night

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10. Hospitality Inn Homestay

The Hospitality Inn Homestay promises a memorable staycation amidst nature by providing a full range of conveniences, services, and comfort. It offers spacious rooms in various categories that are well-furnished and equipped, as well as a calm environment. It is one of the more reasonably priced Lepchajagat Homestays and is conveniently close to the town’s main tourist attractions.

The stay is made particularly rejuvenating and memorable by views of the Kanchenjunga and the surrounding landscapes from the rooms’ windows.

Hospitality Inn Homestay
Image Source
Location:Lepcha Jagat, West Bengal
Amenities:Room Service, Housekeeping, Room Service, Food and Wifi.
Price:INR 2,800 per night

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