Top 15 Things To Do When Visiting Yercaud

Things To Do When Visiting Yercaud

Yercaud also known as Erkad is a small, picturesque hill station on the Salem district of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu on the eastern ghats. Known mostly as the ‘Pearl of the South’, it’s a mixture of pristine splendour, colonial history and green plant life that makes it a wonderful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the large metropolis cities. From things to do on calm lakes to hiking in lush green forests, it offers to provide unforgettable things for all kinds of visitors.

List of 15 Things to Do When Visiting Yercaud

Here are 15 of the most popular things to do in Yercaud to help you plan your visit here.

Top 15 Things To Do When Visiting Yercaud

1. Boating in the Emerald Lake

In the centre of Yercaud lies an emerald lake surrounded with lush green gardens and dense forests. Paddling here’s a peaceful revel in with lovely perspectives of the encircling mountains and calm waters. Whether you pick out a pedal boat or a rowing boat, the mild waves of the lake water under a blue sky create an enthralling effect. This hobby isn’t pretty for the pleasure of cruising, however for taking part in the non-violent ecosystem making it a should for couples and families.

Boating in the Emerald Lake

2. Exploring the Botanical Garden

Yercaud Botanical Garden is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and botany fanatics. This garden is home to a massive quantity of special and rare plants and is well known for its orchid lawn, home to the rather endangered ‘girl’s slipper’ orchid. Take a walk through this lush expanse and you’ll see colourful flower beds, old timbers and a chain of greenhouses. The lawn also plays a critical role in instructing site visitors about the significance of plant protection and conservation to maintain a healthy environment.

Exploring the Botanical Garden

3. Hiking to Killiyur Falls

A visit to Yercaud is incomplete without witnessing the majestic Killiyur Falls. This waterfall cascades down a 300-foot cliff, developing a thoughts-blowing view. The hike to the falls is further interesting, regarding a trek through the dense forests of the Eastern Ghats. The direction may be hard, however, the sight of the silver water cascading into the pool beneath is profitable. It’s an extraordinary spot for pics, picnicking and truly taking elements inside the marvels of nature.

Hiking to Killiyur Falls

4. Driving Through the 32-km Loop Road

For those who love avenue journeys or love long drives, the 32-km loop street that circles Yercaud’s fundamental lake offers exciting enjoyment. This winding street takes you via coffee plantations, thick forests and small villages, supplying you with glimpses of rural existence amidst natural splendour. The long looped road is loved for its leisurely views with stops at every viewpoint to take inside the breathtaking vistas of the valleys and hills that outline Yercaud’s panorama.

Driving Through the 32-km Loop Road

5. Watching Sunrise at Pagoda Point

Pagoda Point gives one of the best sunrise perspectives in Yercaud. The vantage factor affords a wide-ranging view of Salem city and the adjoining villages. The region is marked through a series of stone pagodas from which it derives its name. Early morning visits are advocated to catch the dawn because the sight of the solar emerging from the horizon, casting golden shades over the clouds and hills is definitely captivating. It’s a peaceful spot, ideal for reflection and pictures.

Watching Sunrise at Pagoda Point

6 .Exploring the Bear’s Cave

Situated close to the Norton’s Bungalow, the Bear’s Cave is steeped in mystery and records. Believed to be a historic hideout, the cave extends deep into the mountains. Although the simplest part of it’s far on hand to visitors, its ancient significance and the memories associated with it make it a charming enchantment. It’s said to were utilized by bears and later as a secret breakout direction by means of the rulers of the vicinity. Exploring this cave offers a completely unique adventure, blending nature with records.

Exploring the Bear’s Cave

7. Tasting Coffee at the Plantations

Yercaud’s coffee plantations are not pretty much the espresso however the entire enjoyment of seeing how espresso is grown, harvested and processed. Visitors can take guided excursions of the plantations which frequently stop with a sampling of freshly brewed coffee. Walking through those plantations, you will find out about the distinctive kinds of espresso and the intricacies of coffee making. It’s an enlightening revelation for espresso enthusiasts and a danger to buy a number of the most up-to-date coffee beans.

Tasting Coffee at the Plantations

8. Trekking to the Servarayan Temple

Perched atop the Servarayan hill, the Servarayan Temple is the best point in Yercaud. The temple is devoted to the goddess Kaveri which is located in the inner part of the slender cave. The trek to the temple gives scenic views of the surrounding mountains and dense forests. Once at the pinnacle, site visitors are handled to panoramic vistas of the plateau beneath. The temple itself,f with its serene environment and religious air of secrecy and provides a peaceful retreat.

Trekking to the Servarayan Temple

9. Visiting the Lady’s Seat

Lady’s Seat is a rock formation that provides an astonishing view of the Ghats and the city beneath. Legend has it that an English female used to spend her evenings viewing the sunset from this point in the course of the colonial rule. Today, it’s equipped with a telescope for traffic to revel in the panorama. The fine time to visit is in the early evening in the nighttime when the setting sun paints the sky in colourful colourations providing a wide-ranging sight.

Visiting the Lady’s Seat

10. Enjoying the Grange

The Grange is one of the oldest homes in Yercaud, built in the 1820s by way of the then Collector of Salem, M.D. Cockburn. This historic building, initially supposed to be a summer season inn has now been transformed right into a heritage inn. Visiting the Grange offers a glimpse into the colonial past of Yercaud with its architecture and the memories related to it. It’s revels in that mix of history with the attraction of old-global hospitality.

Enjoying the Grange

11. Strolling through the Yercaud Lake Park

Adjacent to the Emerald Lake, the Yercaud Lake Park gives a serene and beautiful place for leisurely strolls and family picnics. This properly maintained park functions vibrant flower beds, lush inexperienced lawns and quaint sitting areas overlooking the lake. It’s a super spot for resting and playing ing the calmness of nature. For youngsters, the park gives leisure gadgets making it a perfect own family day trip spot. The park’s atmosphere is specifically enchanting in the nighttime whilst the smooth lighting adds a mystical glow to the surroundings.

Strolling through the Yercaud Lake Park

12. Experiencing the Thrill of Montfort School

Montfort School, an architectural surprise and a famed educational group in Yercaud, gives site visitors a glimpse into the colonial-generation schooling device. Although primarily an academic group, the school’s majestic homes and sprawling grounds are open for public visits in the course of sure times of the year. The college’s records and relationship returned to the early 20th century and its role within the schooling of the vicinity uploaded a unique layer to Yercaud’s cultural landscape. The fantastically maintained gardens and the panoramic view of the encircling hills from the faculty premises are a visual deal with.

Experiencing the Thrill of Montfort School

13. Discovering the Silk Farm and Rose Garden

Visiting the Silk Farm affords a charming perception into the silk-making system from silkworm cultivation to the final silk product. This educational tour permits visitors to peer at the various levels of silk production firsthand, making it a unique revel in your visit here. Additionally, the close by Rose Garden boasts an outstanding collection of rose varieties, blooming in a rise up of colours. The garden’s tranquil putting makes it a cute spot for images and leisurely walks a few of the aromatic roses.

Discovering the Silk Farm and Rose Garden

14. Venturing into the Kottachedu Teak Forest

The Kottachedu Teak Forest is a much less explored treasure of Yercaud, presenting an off-the-crushed route revel in for nature fanatics and journey seekers. This dense woodland is home to indigenous plant life and fauna, including teak timber, bison, deer and diverse species of birds. Hiking through the wooded area offers an exciting come upon with nature with the untouched beauty of the wooded area appearing as a perfect backdrop for the journey. It’s a perfect spot for looking, at pictures and experiencing the desert of Yercaud in its most pristine form.

Venturing into the Kottachedu Teak Forest

15. Relishing the Night Safari

For the ones intrigued via the nocturnal elements of the natural world, Yercaud offers thrilling night safari alternatives. Venturing into the night in an open jeep having the possibility to witness the forest come alive with the sounds and sights of its nocturnal inhabitants. The safari is an exciting manner to look at animals like bison, porcupines, foxes and diverse species of owls in their herbal habitat. Guided by way of specialists this experience no longer simplest heightens the sense of adventure however additionally increases awareness about the significance of natural world conservation.

Relishing the Night Safari

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How to Get to Yercaud

Yercaud can be visited without problems and is available from throughout India. The nearest airport to Yercaud is Salem Airport that is approximately 38 km away and offers flights from major cities. Coimbatore International Airport, approximately one hundred ninety km away and is a handy choice for large domestic and global flights.

For those who select rail overflights, Salem Junction is the closest important railway station which is set 35 km from Yercaud. The station is well connected to predominant Indian towns together with Chennai, Coimbatore, Bangalore and Mumbai making the train a convenient option.

After reaching Salem, all the visitors can choose to go to Yercaud on well-maintained roads with beautiful scenery. Government buses, taxis and personal vehicles all are frequently on this direction which takes you through the 32 km winding Ghat Road and gives lovely views of the encompassing mountains. The pressure up the mountain is an interesting adventure that sets the tone for its peaceful splendour.

Best Time to Visit Yercaud

The best time to visit Yercaud is from October to June when the weather is at its best for exploring the beautiful scenery and outside activities making it ideal for sightseeing, trekking and other tourist activities. October to February is winter in Yercaud with temperatures starting from 10°C to 25°C. This cool on occasion freezing weather is ideal for enjoying Elgard’s outdoor attractions without the soreness of heat or humidity. Winter additionally brings a mist-like charm that lends a mystical attraction to the panorama of the hill station.

Summer is from March to June whilst temperatures slowly but not often push upward above 30°C. The weather remains quality making it best for activities along with sailing on Emerald Lake, touring the botanical gardens and hiking to Killiyour Falls. Summer plants bloom. By touring Yercaud during those months, travellers can absolutely revel in the tranquillity and scenic beauty of this hill station ensuring an enjoyable and remarkable holiday or vacation.

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There are so many things to do and so many places to visit in Yercaud but visiting them in one visit is not possible. So this list of top 15 will guide you through what thing to do when you visit here from similarly well-known places to hidden gemstones and activities that entice to delve deeper into its natural splendour and culture.


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