7 Craziest Food Festivals Around The World That You Can’t Miss

La Tomatina (Spain)

Held in Buñol, participants engage in a massive tomato fight by tossing overripe tomatoes at each other.

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Bun Festival (Hong Kong)

People compete to grab buns from towering structures incorporating traditional Chinese customs.

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Battle of the Oranges (Italy)

Ivrea hosts a citrusy clash where participants throw oranges at each other reenacting historical events.

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Cheese Rolling (United Kingdom)

In Gloucestershire participants chase a wheel of cheese down a hill thrugh steep slopes and tumbles.

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World Custard Pie Championship (United Kingdom)

Teams wearing quirky costumes fling custard pies at each other aiming for accuracy and comedy.

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Grape Throwing Festival (Spain)

Celebrated in Binissalem, this event involves hurling grapes and wine during the grape harvest season.

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Watermelon Thump (USA)

Luling in Texas hosts a watermelon seed-spitting contest showcasing skill and distance in this unique food-themed competition.

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