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Would you like to explore the rugged and beautiful Northeast of India? If you are planning a date in the Northeast, you might want to start in the state of Assam.

The charming Brahmaputra River flows through towns and villages. Tucked away in the rolling Himalayas, Assam is a beauty waiting to be explored.

Before you put your boots on and explore the northeast.

Here are some cool 15 sights in Assam that are perfect for first-time visitors.


Here the list of Best tourist places to visit in Assam

  • Kaziranga National Park
  • Majuli Island
  • Orang National Park
  • Haflong Lake
  • Kamakhya Temple
  • Umananda Island
  • Panimoor Falls
  • Hajo
  • Jorhat
  • Guwahati
  • Kakochang Waterfalls
  • Manas National Park
  • Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Guwahati Planetarium


Kaziranga National Park : tourist places to visit in Assam

Certainly, one of Assam’s most popular tourist attractions, Kaziranga National Park is an oasis of biodiversity that any nature lover will fall in love with Animal lovers, of course.

Spot a variety of exotic animals, including Chinese pangolins, one-horned rhinos, Bengal foxes, Bengal tigers, and swamp deer.

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Majuli Island : tourist places to visit in Assam

Another popular tourist attraction in Assam is Majuli Island. He is recognized as one of the most famous river islands in the world, so you should plan your visit before you arrive on the island.

During monsoons, much of the island is often submerged. Fortunately, the large, high-altitude islands can remain untouched by the monsoons.

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Orang National Park : tourist places to visit in Assam

Like Kaziranga National Park, Orang National Park is surrounded by beautiful greenery and rich in exotic flora and fauna. We recommend bringing your camera for this fun safari drive.

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This national park has many eclectic neighborhoods that are perfect for Instagram clicks. The biggest advantage of visiting this place is that you can also see the banks of the Brahmaputra River.


Haflong Lake : tourist places to visit in Assam

If you haven’t included Lake Haflong, Assam’s hugely popular tourist destination, in your state travel itinerary, you are definitely missing out on the best that Assam has to offer.

It is blessed with exquisite views of the lake and the mountains that surround the place. There is literally no excuse in the world to stop you from visiting this little oasis in the land of Assam. Enjoy cool activities like boating, fishing and water sports.


Kamakhya Temple : tourist places to visit in Assam

Add a little religious touch to your Assamese diaries by visiting the beautiful Kamakya Temple. It is known to be one of the 51 Shakti Peeth

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scattered across India. Locals also say that this temple protects the place from the evil eye.

His two main deities in the temple are Lord Shiva and Daksha Yagna and other interesting tidbits, Hindu temples are also famous for their affinity with Tantric activities and stories.

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Umananda Island : tourist places to visit in Assam

For the best views of Assam’s shimmering Brahmaputra River, add Umananda Island to your list of must-sees in Assam. What was once considered Peacock Island by the British is a beautiful island easily accessible from Guwahati.

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Surrounded by the Brahmaputra River on all sides, what makes this island an interesting place to visit in Assam is that it has only one temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Yes, most of the islands are inhabited by tourists and pilgrims, but you can put on your Inquisition hat and learn more about the importance of the place from the locals!


Panimoor Falls : tourist places to visit in Assam

This waterfall certainly offers a great attraction, and many have wondered where one can witness such pristine beauty.

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Can you travel 100km from Haflong to see Panimoor Falls.


Hajo : tourist places to visit in Assam

Another cool pilgrimage site in Assam is a quotient to grab your attention or even pique your interest. Although Hajo is very small, the ancient holy site has a certain religious significance, so it’s worth visiting.

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It is a popular place in Assam. The spectacular temples of Hajo Powa Mecca and Hayagriva Madhavan Mandir are the highlights of this place. Located just 24 km from Guwahati and located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, you can easily take the time to visit this place and learn more about its religious significance.

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Jorhat : tourist places to visit in Assam

It would be a shame to visit Assam without visiting one of the tea gardens and plantations, right? But don’t worry. Our list includes that too: Jorhat, just near Majuli, has cool tea plantations.

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You can enjoy the stillness of the air and the tranquility of the neighborhood while exploring tea plantations such as Cinnamorra Tea Gardens in Jorhat.

Interestingly, Jorhat is also an important city as it has an airport connecting to Guwahati. Perhaps your plans might also include a visit to the Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary while in Jorhat.


Guwahati : tourist places to visit in Assam

Your trip is literally incomplete without a visit to the small settlements of Guwahati. Located on the banks of the Brahmaputra River, Guwahati has become a favorite city for millennials wishing to travel to the northeast for life-changing experiences.

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Well, good news for you. Lots of fun for all of you. From backpacking and trekking to photography and honeymooning, there are plenty of activities to enjoy while visiting Guwahati or planning a date in the city.

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Kakochang Waterfalls : tourist places to visit in Assam

A spectacular natural wonder, Kakochang Falls falls between coffee and rubber plantations in Jorhat. The main waterfall is located 13 kilometers from Bokahat in Jorhat and attracts many tourists all year round.

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This waterfall not only offers spectacular views of the lush green tea plantations and ruins of Numarigarh, but also provides a great photographer’s subject and a refreshing retreat.


Manas National Park : tourist places to visit in Assam

Project Tiger Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve, Elephant Sanctuary and Manas National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are among Assam’s top tourist attractions.

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For those who want to experience rare species of Indian flora and fauna, Manas, famous for its red panda and golden langur habitat, is the place to

go. Manas National Park is also popular as a safe haven for India’s second largest number of tigers.

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Hoollongapar Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary : tourist places to visit in Assam

The Hoollongapar Wildlife Sanctuary is a sanctuary for the Hoollongapar population in the state of Assam, located about 20 kilometers from the city center of Jorhat.

One of Assam’s top sights for nature and wildlife lovers, this wildlife sanctuary is surrounded by tea gardens and the Brahmaputra River.

The reserve is home to 40 species of Hoollongapar, as well as wildlife such as stam-tailed macaques, Assamese macaques, slow lorises, capped langurs, pigtailed macaques, rhesus monkeys and elephants.


Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary : tourist places to visit in Assam

Located at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas, the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary offers spectacular views of endless orchid meadows and snow- capped Himalayas, where you can spot some of the country’s rarest animal and bird species.

The park borders Arunachal Pradesh and merges with the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, allowing visitors to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Guwahati Planetarium : tourist places to visit in Assam

Astronomy enthusiasts will go crazy for this tourist attraction in Assam. With endless opportunities for space exploration and activities for children, the Guwahati Planetarium attracts thousands of visitors each year.

Image Source

For young people who want to learn about space, it’s the perfect place to learn amazing facts about space in an interactive way.

To help people witness rare phenomena such as solar eclipses and meteor showers, this popular astronomical research center hosts a series of seminars and exhibitions.

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Assam FAQs

One of the most famous sites is Kaziranga National Park, which showcases the abundance of flora and fauna in the area. Meanwhile, Guwahati is the largest city and a gateway to experience the urban lifestyle with its bustling cafes, restaurants and other social outlets.
Bearing in mind the myth of protecting devotees from the evil eye, Kamakhya Temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths in India. Due to its incredible tantric worship, it is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Assam for tourists and pilgrims.
To explore Assam and visit exotic destinations in Assam's Dima Hasao districts, enjoy the culture and traditions of Assam's many ethnic tribes for at least 15-20 days.
Is the gateway to many other places of the Northeast and a busy tourist center. Everything from the ancient temples, wildlife sanctuary, scenic beauty of Brahmaputra and unique culture make it one of the best tourist attractions in Assam.
Assam tea and Assam silk is what assam famous for. And also this state was the first oil drilling site of Asia. Assam is home to the Indian one-horned rhinoceros, as well as wild water buffalo, pygmy pigs, tigers and various Asian birds, and provides one of the last remaining wild habitats for elephants. Asia.
November to May is the best season to visit Assam to see its full beauty. The weather is perfect, with cool breezes blowing from the foothills of the Himalayas to reduce heat and humidity. Orchids bloom from March to May, and it's a season of boundless joy for locals, who are busy celebrating the Bihu harvest festival.
Assam's only hill station, Haflong is the county seat of Dima Hasao district, an autonomous region of the state. This lush and humid region is home to 13 indigenous groups, mainly the Dimasas, Kukis, Baites, Zeme Nagas as well as some non-tribal Nepalese, Bengalis and Assamese.
The deity worshiped here is called Anantasayin Vishnu, referring to Lord Vishnu's sitting position on the serpent. The temple is located north of Guwahati, Assam, on a rock near the Brahmaputra river.
To get to Majuli by train, tourists will have to take a train from Guwahati to Jorhat, the nearest locomotive to Majuli. From Jorhat, buses and taxis take tourists to Neemati Ghat, where there is a ferry for the trip to Majuli.
Traditional breakfast consisting of chira with yogurt and jaggery. Most farmers eat cooked rice soaked overnight (poita) simply with salt, mustard oil, onions, etc. Snacks are xandoh, kumol saul or bora saul, sticky rice, which can be eaten sweet or savory.

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