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Visit Jamduar Picnic Spot In 2023 Perfect Place For You

amduar Picnic Spot In 2023

Located in the lower reaches of Assam is the Jamduar picnic area. Sarpang, NR SSB Camp, Jamduar, Kokrajhar, Sarpang, Assam 783361, Bhutan is the site of JAMDUAR WILD POINT. If you are looking for a delicious picnic experience, then the Jamduar picnic spot might be the perfect place for you. It has a beautiful landscape and many interesting natural sites.

At this time of year when picnic season in Assam is in full swing, people look for the best Jamduar Picnic Spots nearby to rest and enjoy a hearty meal amid the great outdoors. Some people prefer to prepare meals in a place other than their usual kitchen. Some people like to dance to the music, while others just love to be photographed in beautiful places.

But now is the perfect time to take a different approach from what each person usually does. Whether you think a picnic is a great way to celebrate the new year or the end of the old year, it’s important to find the perfect spot.

Hence, we have compiled a list of some of the best places to enjoy a picnic in Assam considering our readers from different parts of Assam. You can choose a place that is convenient and comfortable for you depending on your location.

Bhutan, Assam and West Bengal all converge on Jamduar. Along with the moist, semi-evergreen broadleaf forest stretching to the foothills of the Great Himalayas, the magnificent scenery of the Sankosh River will leave you speechless. Jamduar also happens to be the site where E. P. Yellow Langur was first discovered by Gee in 1956.

Jamduar Picnic Spot In 2023 Perfect Place For You

What is the best time to visit Jamduar Picnic Spot

The ideal time to visit Jamduar picnic spot is from October to April. Assam sweats in the sweltering heat of summer, but the monsoon season brings heavy rains and high humidity. The best time to visit Assam is from October to April when the weather is pleasant with sunny days and cool nights, moderate rainfall and beautiful rice fields.

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How to reach Jamduar Picnic Spot

A cave located in the Bodoland Territory (BTR), located 70 km from the city of Kokrajhar in the triangle formed by Bhutan, West Bengal and Assam. Jamduar, an unreturned BTR site, has been compromised. The kingdom of the water king, according to some ancient locals, is located inside the cave.

Folk legend has it that many years ago, a man in a nearby village went fishing in the river. Unfortunately, he fell off the boat in the river waves and accidentally entered the cave. He came back after a long wait, and when he didn’t show up, at first his friends thought he was dead and panicked and ran into the village.

The villagers also performed funeral rites for him on schedule and according to tradition. People have forgotten it over the years. After about 7 (seven) years, he suddenly returned to the village, shocking everyone.

People in the village initially started running away wherever they saw him because they thought he was a ghost. After a lengthy 7 (seven) years, the Kingdom of the Water God and their armies captured him and kept him as a slave, using him for all their necessary duties.

However, over time, the soldiers were finally satisfied with his job and realized his pain, and they took him home. However, it is most likely just a story made up to attract attention and not true. We have now presented some verifiable facts about Jamduar. Fortunately, we were able to meet Ms. Nausri Brahma, a wonderful woman from Kokrajhar and wife of the late Balendra Chandra Brahma, a former Ranger from Raimona region.

In front of the Jamduar cave, there is a large and solid wooden door. And the British periodically send troops into the cave to explore its contents, but so far, no soldiers have survived.

Jamduar Picnic Spot In 2023
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What to see in Jamduar

Jamduar Forest Reserve, located at the intersection of Bhutan, Assam and West Bengal, can wow you with the rich natural beauty of the Sankosh River and the surrounding moist semi-evergreen broadleaf forest in the foothills of the country.

Great Himalayas Mountains. Yellow langurs also live there. The forest of Jamduar reserve in Bodoland offers breathtaking views that you must see.

amduar Picnic Spot In 2023
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Is Jamduar picnic spot open?

As a result, both picnic areas have been shut down indefinitely due to some reason but will open eventually.

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