Your Best Guide to Zero Point North Sikkim 2023

What Makes Zero Point North Sikkim so Special

Visit Zero Point North Sikkim, Sikkim as a destination. The state is the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life thanks to the beauty of its mountains and lush greenery. One of these amazing and undiscovered gems is found in the north of the state at the zero point north Sikkim.

One of North Sikkim’s most popular tourist attractions, Zero Point north Sikkim is just 15 kilometers from Lachung Valley and there are plenty of reasons to get there right away. In the local language, it is also known as Yumesamdong.

This area is stunningly beautiful and an excellent example of nature’s artistic conception. This structure of natural beauty is found in Sikkim, a place known for its incredible flora and fauna. Sikkim, one of the Seven Sisters of Northeast India, is the second smallest state in the country. The state shares borders with China, Bhutan and Nepal and is strategically located on the Himalayan side.

Your Best Guide to Zero Point North Sikkim

How To Reach Zero Point Sikkim

Sikkim is a popular tourist destination that can be reached from anywhere in the country. From anywhere in the country, you can get there by air, rail or road.

The New Jalpaiguri (NJP) in Siliguri is the closest station to Gangtok. It connects Sikkim with all major regions of India. From NJP to Gangtok, you can also take a shared taxi for around 200-250 INR. You can start your journey to the wonderful zero land of Sikkim when you arrive in Gangtok.

Entry is only possible through guided tours from Gangtok as the country shares a border with China. You will need to provide an ID and two photos. To ensure an easy and hassle-free trip, please bring them with you. You can also book a package tour to Lachung, Yum Thang and Zero Point. Only a guided tour from Gangtok will get you there.

The people of Sikkim believe that reaching zero will end the journey of spiritual search and self-discovery as it is truly a journey to paradise. Only the brave can make the arduous journey through the passes and heights and experience all the wonders this beautiful place has to offer.

The more breathtaking views more than make up for the arduous and strenuous hikes along the way. You experience extreme levels of happiness and joy throughout the journey. If you start planning your trip to this utopia, you can be sure that the beauty of nature will fascinate you.

To Reach Zero Pint Sikkim
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Details for Permits required to Visit Zero Point North Sikkim

  • A Protected Area Permit (PAP) is required for all visitors entering certain protected areas, including Indian nationals.
  • Foreign nationals must also have an Inner Line Permit (ILP) or a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) to enter the country.
  • The RAP is valid for 30 days and the PAP is valid for seven days.
  • While ILP/RAP is free, the fee for PAP is around Rs 200. One can apply for PAP application offline, while RAP is applied both online and offline.
  • Foreigners cannot visit some areas such as Nathula, Lake Gurudongmar and Zuluk.
  • Nationalities of Pakistan, China, Myanmar and Nigeria will not be granted a permit without the prior approval of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi.

Documents and IDs required Visiting Zero Point North Sikkim

  • ILP/RAP: passport photo, visa and passport size.
  • Identification (such as voter card or PAN card) and passport-sized photo are required for PAP.
  • RAP may be continued for an additional 30 days, but not PAP.

Zero Point North Sikkim permits are available at the following locations

  • Gangtok Tourism Board.
  • District administrative center.
  • Chungahang District Judge’s Office.
  • Licensed Lachung, Yumthang and Zero Point tours are offered by a number of licensed tour operators.

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Best time to Visit Zero Point North Sikkim

Late February to mid-June is the perfect time to start packing for a trip to Yumthang Valley, Lachung and Zero Point North Sikkim. When this happens, you can see the true natural beauty of the place as thousands of vibrant flowers begin to bloom and spread new energy throughout the area.

The adventures and views of the snow-capped mountains are best experienced between October and December. After mid-December and early January, Point Zero remains closed.

Depending on the weather, visitors may be allowed to return in February. Since the view is best early in the morning at such a height, it is advisable to take a taxi from Lachung to Point Zero.

Best time to Visit Zero Point North Sikkim
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Food Around Zero Point North Sikkim

Daily delicacies popular throughout Sikkim are traditional Himalayan dishes such as momos and rice. On the way from Yumthang Market to Zero Point, there are local stalls and dhabas. Who wants to miss pahad ki chai and Maggi at Zero Point North Sikkim parking.

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What Makes Zero Point North Sikkim so Special?

All altitude lovers should head to Yumesamdong, also known as Zero Point, in North Sikkim. At 15,300 feet above mean sea level, the area offers stunning scenery for your sightseeing photos. Zero Point north Sikkim is no different from heaven on earth, as you can also see three beautiful rivers connecting there. There is no civilization further than this because the road ends here.

Since we are at a high altitude, the oxygen concentration is quite low. A slightly bumpy road also leads to Ground Zero. However, the great reward you get at the end of the journey is well worth the inconvenience.

A must-see in Sikkim is the sight of yaks grazing in the snow at Zero Point in North Sikkim. You will be completely amazed at the natural beauty of the area. Your childhood dream of playing in the snow in an incredible setting can come true at Zero Point in Sikkim. Most of the month of the year, the area is covered with snow.

Switzerland will appear in the distance amidst all these rivers and snow-capped mountains. Zero Point in Sikkim is the perfect place if you want to immerse yourself in a thrilling and adventurous experience.

What Makes Zero Point North Sikkim so Special
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Why is it called Zero Point North Sikkim?

Because there is no path beyond this point, zero already has its name. Also, tourists are not allowed to continue beyond this point as it is very close to China’s border with India.

Is Zero Point North Sikkim accessible in winter?

Due to the open road, the site is accessible in November and December. Until the first week of January, the roads are still accessible. Extreme cold spells can occur in January, and blizzards or snow accumulation can sometimes cause traffic jams.

What kind of clothes should one carry while travelling to Zero Point north Sikkim in winter?

If you’re traveling in the winter, be sure to bring warm clothes, sweaters, hats, thermal clothing, and scarves. It can be very cold up there, so it’s best to be prepared.

Is Zero Point North Sikkim worth visiting?

One of India’s top tourist destinations is Zero Point Sikkim, home to a beautiful confluence of three rivers, snow-capped mountains and breathtaking scenery. 4. Although the roads to Zero Point Sikkim are dangerous, the beautiful scenery of the snow-covered mountains is well worth the risk.

Is Zero Point North Sikkim open on all days?

There is never a day when Zero Point closes. However, to visit Zero Pont you need a permit issued in Gangtok. Permits will not be issued if there is a landslide, or the road is closed for any other reason. I know that permits are only issued one day before the scheduled departure date.

Is there an oxygen problem in Lachung?

Due to the extreme altitude of Zero Point North Sikkim, breathing can be difficult due to the lack of oxygen in the air. For a person in good health, this is no problem; however, travelers with young children or those with difficulty breathing should avoid going to zero.


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