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Hatisila Picnic Spot To Have Your Weekends On 2023

Hatisila Picnic Spot

The Hatisila Picnic Spot area is beautiful and peaceful, and we can go inside to explore what looks like a cave. The beauty of nature is also amazing. However, since there is no food, you must bring your own.

One of the most famous picnic areas is the HATISHILA GANESH mandir, which is a sacred temple dedicated to God Ganesha and has a huge rock formation resembling an elephant snout, hence the names “Hati” and “shila”, means “elephant and stone”. Children and adults should go there.

If you are coming from Morigaon or Kamrup (Metro, Countryside), Hatisila should definitely be on your list of Hatisila Picnic Spot. Those jostling in nearby towns can quickly flee to this place, which sits on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River.

Hatisila Picnic Spot To Have Your Weekends

How To Reach Hatisila Picnic Spot

You can use our extremely accurate Guwahati Driving Distance to Hatisila Picnic Spot to find out how far it is from Guwahati. But only with your help is this possible. Accordingly, we will share the route of Picnic spots from Guwahati to Hatisila in advance so that you can easily reach your desired destination.

It is also helpful to calculate the flight distance between Guwahati Picnic Spot and Hatisila with our calculator. If you are planning to travel from one city to another, then you can now quickly estimate the travel time from Guwahati to Hatisila Picnic Spot Site using modern technology and software.

Knowing the distance between two cities is important if you want to plan a more efficient travel from Guwahati to Hatisila Picnic Spot Area. Maps or circumferential distances, such as the distance from Guwahati to Hatisila Picnic Spot area, cannot be used to plan a trip or outing.

To better visualize your journey, you need to find the distance between two cities. You need exact time to complete your plan, so you need to know what the driving distance from Guwahati picnic area to Hatisila is. And the best way to do that is to use our calculator to estimate travel time between two cities.

For more information on the route, refer to the route map from Guwahati to Hatisila picnic area. If you don’t know how to get there, it’s best to use a route planner, which will show you the shortest and most direct way to get from Guwahati to Hatisila Picnic Spot.

The route from Guwahati to Hatisila Picnic Spot can be precisely planned to use the route planner. In fact, you can use our app to determine the exact flight time between Guwahati and Hatisila Picnic Spots and prepare for other things.

Guwahati’s difference between latitude and longitude encourages visitors to keep an open mind when on the road and to plan ahead. The distance calculator helps travelers to implement a well-planned travel strategy.

Hatisila Picnic Spot
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Things To Do in Hatisila Picnic Spot

  • Boat Riding
  • Camping
  • Bonfire
  • Visiting Ganesh Mandir
  • Watching Sunset
  • Cycling Brahmaputra Riverbanks

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Best Time to Visit Hatisila Picnic Spot

You can travel almost all year round, but the best months to go are from November to April. It should be avoided during the summer. The area is naturally flooded by the Brahmaputra River.

Is Hatisila Open or Closed

Entrance to the Hatisila Picnic Spot area has been restricted by authorities after hundreds of vehicles, including cars and buses, got stuck on a muddy road Sunday night. By midnight, many vehicles had been removed using JCB, but many more vehicles had been hit. According to the report, many women and children of different ages were also present.

Incident requiring assistance has been reported to the police. Sources said the rescue effort was hampered by the muddy road and darkness. The government order states that until the management committee clears the muddy road, the Hatisila Picnic Spot area will remain closed.

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