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Visit Ukiam Picnic Spot In 2023 Perfect Place For You

Plan a nice picnic Ukium

The village of Ukiam in Northeastern India and its popular Ukiam Picnic Spot is located near the Meghalaya-Assam border. The beautiful Kulsi River flows through the area and two other rivers converge here to form the Kulsi, making it a popular Ukiam picnic spot.

The location is on the banks of the river Brahmaputra. Ukiam picnic spot proximity to National Highway 37, the village has regular bus services as well as other means of transport connecting the village with neighboring towns. Ukiam picnic spot is located about 28 km from Chhaygaon, the nearest town.

On the border between Assam and Meghalaya, in rural Kamrup, is Ukiam picnic spot. It is located near Chaygaon. One of the most loved. Due to the beautiful Kulsi River, the area is also popular for sightseeing, picnicking, and Ukiam picnic spot.

On the southern bank of the Brahmaputra River in the state of Assam, Ukiam is a natural wonderland. It is located on the border between Assam and Meghalaya. Due to the beautiful Kulsi River and three other rivers, the area is also popular with picnickers, tourists and Eri-feeders.

Ukiam Picnic Spot

Location of Ukium Picnic Spot

On the Assam side is Ukium, a village bordering the Assam-Meghalaya border. A charming village of exceptional natural beauty located in the Bongaon block of Kamrup district. To the south of the River Brahmaputra is the village. The route is a scenic ride through verdant countryside. Guwahati is 58 km away and a 45-minute drive away. In December and January, the village is filled with picnickers.

Location of Ukium Picnic Spot

The landscape is like a natural mosaic, with steep streams, green hills and lush vegetation. The meeting of the Drone, Chree and Dilma rivers adds to the beauty of the area. These three rivers are the starting point of the famous Kulshi River.

Various types of aquatic life, including fish, the most famous of which are eels, inhabit all three rivers. Eating eels is said to protect you from burns in the event of a fire in the area. Four different tribes have lived together peacefully for centuries creating the unique culture and traditions of the local people. In terms of tourism, few people know about this charming village.

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The people and culture of Ukium

Is mainly inhabited by tribal communities including Garos, Rabhas, Bodos and Khasis, who speak multiple languages and have distinct cultures. A fascinating cultural picture is created in Ukium by the cultural diversity of the people of Garos, Rabha, Bodos and Khasis.

The people and culture of Ukium
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Ukium tourist attraction and prospects

The village is unique for organic agricultural products besides its natural beauty. Bananas, pineapples, oranges, ginger, arum, pumpkins, cashews, grape beetles, brooms and other agricultural products are produced in large quantities.

Because agriculture still makes up the bulk of the economy, there is also significant tourism potential. The weekly market day is Monday. On this day, it is possible to buy a variety of goods produced by the tribes. Ukium has great potential for producing highly sought after and valuable Mezankari silk, which can also be a major tourist attraction.

In addition to its attractive appearance and variety of agricultural products, locals began offering boating facilities, river fishing, delicious ethnic cuisine and vibrant clothing, making the area a tourist destination great to travel.

The generosity and kindness of the locals far exceeds the wealth of the area. A notable landmark in this area is the 100-meter suspension bridge, the only bridge connecting Ukium and Meghalaya.

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Things to do in Ukiam Picnic Spot

  • Try boat ride.
  • Hiking in the forest.
  • Plan a nice picnic.

1. Try boat ride

A truly fascinating experience is a thrilling boat ride along the Kulsi and Kolohe rivers, both of which are incredibly clear. The Boatman will take you on an exciting adventure through waterways overgrown with weeds and bushes. 5 to 6 people can board the boat at the same time.

Take beautiful pictures and enjoy the adventure! Passing through the ravishing scenery, the boatman will advise you to visit the waterfall. Indulge in romance as the boat glides through the clear blue waters of the Kolohe River.

Try boat ride Ukium
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2. Hiking in the forest.

Your heart can be filled with joy after a short walk in the woods through dense bushes. All adventurers enjoy strolling the winding paths in the forest covered with moss and wildflowers. If you go deep into the forest, you can also see beautiful waterfalls.

The air in the forest is cool all year round. Remember to bring food and water when exploring the forest. While the beauty of nature is truly breathtaking, walking through miles of woodland can be exhausting.

Hiking in the forest Ukium
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3. Plan a nice picnic.

Ukiam is a great place for a picnic. So, after finishing your hike or journey, enjoy delicious and healthy food. Because there are many ideal picnic spots, in the high season this place becomes more crowded than usual. The committees are therefore responsible for the proper management and maintenance of the Ukiam Picnic Spot areas.

Every picnic spot is charming, with rivers, lakes, spectacular waterfalls or stunning mountains. Decide on a tidy place, prepare firewood and cook delicious food in the midst of nature. In the middle of vegetation, you can enjoy hot lamb, salad and steamed rice on “Shal Pata”.

Plan a nice picnic Ukium
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The ideal time to visit Ukiam Picnic Spot.

The months of November through March are the ideal times to travel to Ukiam. The Ukiam Picnic Spot areas are crowded because this is the area’s peak season. The forests, lakes, and hills also appear more majestic at this time of year. Spring is also a great time to visit. Even though summers aren’t the most pleasant, you can still go because it’s less crowded.

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